Trumpf Trubend Center 5030

Since december 2014 a brand new Trumpf Trubend  Center 5030 is running at We-Metal BV, the earlier Codatto  EVA 3122. The Trumpf Trubend 5030 uses an advanced bending technology and has a wide range of new intelligent features to ensure optimum accuracy and quality.
The Trubend Center 5030 makes it possible to fold in more complex ways than a traditional brake press. Furthermore the productivity of the folding increases and the change-over time will drop significantly.


Even with thicker materials excellent accuracy    Bending in combination with radius

Bending radius with double sheet   Excellent accuracy producing connecting parts

High repeatability with varying bends     


General characteristics

Bending dimensions:  
Max. bending length: 3123 mm
Min. bending lenght: 80 mm
Max. bending width: 3123 mm
Min. bending width: 142 mm
Bend dimensions Max. 220 mm.
Outward bend depth: Max. 62 mm
Sheet metal thickness: Min. 0.5 mm
Sheet metal thickness with σR 400 N/mm2 Max. 3,0 mm
Sheet metal thickness with σR 700 N/mm2 Max. 2,2


Codatto EVA 3122