The Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment (KAM) policy of We-Metal forms an integral part of the overall corporate policy and is essential for the continuity of the company, for the welfare of our employees and for our environment.

Consequently, at We-Metal we give constant attention to improving our performance in the areas of quality, occupational health & safety and environmental performance, and also to seeking opportunities, communicating with stakeholders and conducting risk management in this area.

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The quality policy of We-Metal focuses on continually striving for satisfied customers and, by means of the quality management system and its continual improvement, on achieving the following:

• ensuring that deliveries meet the requirements and wishes of the customer and are in line with applicable laws and regulations.
• increasing customer satisfaction.
• ensuring or improving continuity, operating results, personal motivation and employee welfare.
• formulating and realising annual “SMART” quality objectives.
• promoting quality awareness and customer-oriented thinking among employees.
• monitoring, steering and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the operating processes.

The corporate quality policy also comprises the following:

• ensuring that responsibilities and competences are assigned at the lowest possible level in the organisation (flat organisation).
• ensuring that customer-oriented thinking is a matter of course.
• ensuring that cost awareness is a matter of course.
• continually improving the flexibility and multi-deployability of employees.
• increasing the initiative and self-activation of employees.
• continually optimising transparent, up-to-date planning of human and machine resources.
• continually shortening throughput and delivery times.
• continually improving returns on orders.
• continually acquiring new technical expertise by keeping close track of the various technological developments in the supplier market and always applying this expertise at the right place in the organisation.
• directly translating market trends and requirements to the organisation. If necessary the organisation, the operating processes, the working methods etc. are adjusted.
• ensuring that all processes in the organisation are approached in line with the Deming Cycle (plan-do-check-act).
• ensuring familiarity with the quality policy throughout the organisation.

Occupational Health & Safety

We-Metal endeavours to create optimum working conditions for all persons who work in the organisation and to this end will conform to the applicable laws and regulations in the field of occupational health & safety. Furthermore the management will ensure that the necessary resources are on hand. Not only must work be conducted safely, but in addition employees should feel comfortable, be able to enjoy their work and treat each other in a respectful manner. To this end the organisation promotes an open atmosphere at the company in which employees and managers address each other about possible improvements in the occupational health & safety policy that will lead to even safer and healthier working surroundings.

We-Metal attaches great value to creating the best possible working conditions and is always prepared, where possible, to make changes in order to further improve the working conditions. Here We-Metal particularly values the contributions of employees/experts that lead to improvements.


The aim of the environmental policy of We-Metal is to manage the environmental pollution caused by the organisation’s own corporate resources and activities when specifically determining the working methods. When defining specifications for procurement of materials and services, and when creating and managing corporate resources, the point of departure for decision-making processes is protection of the environment in line with the applicable laws and regulations.

Key elements in our environmental policy are:

• observance by We-Metal of all relevant environmental laws and regulations.
• specific attention to measures for reducing environmental pollution.
o such as reducing the use of natural energy sources.
o reducing our waste flows.
• managing the most important environmental aspects at We-Metal.
• reducing the effects of our environment-influencing aspects.
• striving to achieve continual improvements with regard to our environmental performance. We achieve this on the basis of our environmental targets.
• by means of the company emergency plan, confining to a minimum the possible consequences of a fire or other disaster.

In addition, corrective or preventative measures are implemented and adjusted if it is established that the environmental policy is not being observed.


We-Metal BV is a recognized training company of Kenteq, the knowledge centre of the sheet metal industry. We offer a number of young people the opportunity to develop themselves under the careful guidance of professionals.

Furthermore We-Metal BV is also member of the Nevat. The Nevat is a network organization of companies in the industrial supply industry. There are 250 professional companies connected to the Nevat. The Nevat helps its members to develop in the various areas that play a role in the industrial supply industry.