We-Metal BV invests in new hall

As a result of strong growth We-Metal grown out of the old hall completely. Despite production optimization through Lean Manufacturing, there is an increasing demand from customers for Just In Time production. Therefore we needed more storage capacity. Hence since October 2014 a new hall for storage of semi-finished and finished products is in use. This hall is located right next to the existing production hall which reduces transportation (time) between the halls to a minumum.

This new hall offers opportunities to expand the production area, which is in line with our growth ambitions. Currently a large surface area is made available for assembly of small and large assemblies.

The new hall is twice as large as the old hall, besides the hall offers storage racks of over forty feet high. Through the use of a very narrow aisle forklift truck, logistics can quickly and efficiently work in the warehouse. Due to an intelligent inventory system our logisticians have a good overview of the current stock and its location.

Very Narrow Aisle Forklift Truck