New: Trumpf Trubend Center 5030!

In december 2014 a brand new Trumpf Trubend  Center 5030 will be running at We-Metal BV, the earlier Codatto  EVA 3122. The Trumpf Trubend 5030 uses an advanced bending technology and has a wide range of new intelligent features to ensure optimum accuracy and quality.

The Trubend Center 5030 is a machine which is able to fold steel up to a maximum folding length of 3123 mm flat sheet metal to a height of 220 mm. Besides, free forming is also possible e.g.: a large radius can be fold in several steps.

The Trubend Center 5030 makes it possible to fold in more complex ways than a traditional brake press. Furthermore the productivity of the folding increases and the change-over time will drop significantly.

Investing in the Trubend Center 5030 is the next step for We-Metal in the automation of her modern and technologically advanced machinery.  By continuously investing and innovating for the future, We-Metal BV wants to meet the customers’ expectations of these days.